We Are

  • Battle-Tested
  • Multi-Faceted
  • Well-Stocked
  • Your Event Technology Partner

  • Battle-Tested
  • Multi-Faceted
  • Well-Stocked
  • Your Event Technology Partner

Any company can rent you equipment… But it’s our mission to be your full-service production solution. We’ve been doing this for more than 30 years, and our clients share it’s the “whatever it takes” attitude exhibited by our entire crew from project managers to our accountant that keeps them coming back.


We Are


We’ve not only fought the battle, we’ve won the war. Event technology is our gig, and we know it might not be yours! Selecting the right technology partner for your meeting or event shouldn’t just be about logistics, but making the experience impactful and memorable.

It takes technology to make technology work – event technology relates not only to all the app madness out there, but to the preparation and production of your show, and we have that dialed-in.


We Are


Events can be unpredictable, right? Our team has a varied background, ensuring we have a solution for every element of your event. We know it isn’t just about the planning, but the ability to be agile, handling anything that might come up! Setting out to exceed your expectations, we have the expertise, experience, precision, and determination to get the job done right.

We Are


Projectors, screens, cameras, mics, speakers, truss, cable… We could go on and on! Of course we have it all, constantly adding to our inventory to ensure we’re providing the best possible equipment on every event. It isn’t just about keeping inventory, but about building on it, and constantly adding new technologies.

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Our Process

The planning process starts with questions asked on an initial call from you or when we receive your RFP — and carries all the way through producing a killer event for you. Streamlined and efficient.



Our communication with you is central to success for us both, and we will always listen to be sure we understand. We aren’t simply order takers — unless that’s what you want from us. We work efficiently with you throughout the entire process. Communication doesn’t end between us because working well with all the other partners involved will help ensure success for you and your team.



Good planning, from what equipment to use based on your goals and your audience, to making sure we keep the labor bill down (and our crew out of overtime & off meal-penalties!) is vital. Because we want to be good stewards of your budget, the best way to do that is proper planning right along with you from the start.


Technical Design

Through communication and planning, we’ll agree how we can meet your needs, which is executed through the equipment and staff we provide. Technical design involves everything from whether we use front- or rear-projection, delay screens & projectors, and on and on. Our team starts with the end in mind, proposing a design that will accomplish your goals, while being flexible along the way.



Good design means nothing if not well executed. Our team’s in place to make you look good! Working with your staff & speakers to ensure everyone knows their role and where they need to be (and when), and hitting every cue with precision, is our priority. We retain almost 80% of our clients who come to Chicago because we make our clients look like rockstars. Consider us your roadies, willing to go on tour with you any time.

Our Leadership


Andrew Brode

President / Owner


Justin Frick

President / Owner

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